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Website Design

Website Design

The true face of your law firm. Today, a bad website can impact your practice more than anything else, outside of bad reviews. A good website shows a visitor that you are successful, and that you have the expertise and confidence to win their case.
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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the road map to success. Every good digital marketing program must include a well-thought-out search engine optimization program.
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Nothing has impacted marketing in the legal industry more than social media. People talk and they are certainly social. They leave reviews, talk about their feelings and ask for help.
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Custom Logo & Graphics Design

Custom Logo & Graphics Design

Your law firm’s logo is more than just a symbol – it’s the face of your brand, the first impression your potential clients will have of your firm. An outdated or generic logo can give the impression of a stale and unprofessional business,
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Custom Content & Blogs

Custom Content & Blogs

Are you looking for a way to improve your online visibility and attract more clients to your practice? Custom website content and a monthly blog post can help you achieve just that.
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Legal Marketing Specialists

Legal Marketing Specialists

Are you a lawyer or attorney looking for a digital marketing partner with a proven track record of success? Look no further! Our company has over 20 years of marketing experience, and we specialize in working exclusively with lawyers and attorneys.
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Digital Marketing Experts With Over 15 Years of Showcasing Winning Law Firms!

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About Us


Southeast Legal Marketing Is The Right Choice For Your Digital Marketing Needs

Trying to navigate the ever-changing world of digital marketing can be stressful; most law firms will assign a person in their office to handle these duties. But hiring an agency like Southeast Legal Marketing may be the best option for true client growth. Knowing that you have an experienced and competent marketing team with over 20 years of experience working in the legal profession on your side can provide comfort, and peace of mind, and improve the outcome of your marketing program.

Our company has the experience that you’re looking for and the passion for work that you deserve. We have assembled true thought leaders in the world of website development, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Creation. If you are looking to make a change in your online presence, we would love to discuss it with you today. After understanding your goals and timeline, we can provide a comprehensive plan of action to put you on the right track

Why Choose Us


Southeast Legal Marketing Is The Right Choice For Your Digital Marketing Needs

The right agency can make a huge difference in the future growth of your law firm. When you want a trusted, proven marketing company on your side, Southeast Legal Marketing, LLC is the company for you. With our 15+ years of experience working exclusively with law firms around the country, we have the background to be a true marketing partner.
Law firm marketing is a unique industry and you need a company that understands its nuances. We do and we love it!

The right agency should be able to provide the following:

  • They should have an understanding of the legal industry
  • They should research your competitors and know your market
  • They should be able to provide analytic updates of your program
  • The Ability to sit down with your staff and consistently provide details of your program
  • Provide your law firm a dedicated account representative
  • Provide Dynamic, unique content production, videography, and editing services
  • Provide direction on new and unique marketing opportunities
  • They should have an understanding of how to utilize social media to grow your brand and increase leads

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is anything online that you would use to gain new business. We consider your website, social media channels, YouTube, Email and pay per click programs to all be “digital” advertising.

This is a simple answer because the general population is online. That is how business is done these days.
Yes. More people are on social media now than ever before. The more visible your law firm can be the better your brand awareness. It is also a great place for promotion without the high cost of TV or Billboards.
SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of working on your website through adding content, backlinks, and other methods to obtain ranking in the major search engines “organically”. SEO is essential to gaining new business through search traffic for your chosen practice areas.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the process of getting search engine placement through paid advertising. This can be through pay per click programs or pay per lead programs. This process is set with a budget and a keyword bid process. Your website can appear where you want it to for your chosen search terms, but it is usually more expensive and when you stop paying, your website disappears from the search results page.
If content and design are approved in a timely manner, we can have a website developed and ready for launch in 45 days.
We have been working with law firms for over 12 years. We understand the legal field and the requirements to effectively market your law firm.
Fill out the contact form and our graphic design specialist will reach out to you to discuss your ideas of what you are looking for.
Our rates vary on the size and scope of your marketing program. An aggressive program in a large market will cost more than a small market program. There are several factors that may go into a program, but all options will be discussed and agreed upon before your program begins. We have very transparent pricing, and it will not increase unless you add products or services.
We do require a 1-year service agreement, but once that is complete, the program converts to a month to month. To cancel it you would just need to send us a 30 day written notice.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Kirk Drennan Law Firm

David Moyer and his team did a beautiful and effective job on the website for my law firm. It is visually stunning and drives business. It performed so well that I then hired them to manage my blog and social media platforms which have never looked so professional. They continue to do an excellent job to this day. I highly recommend them.

Atlanta Injury Law Firm

They are a wonderful online marketing company!! I've been with them for years and they have always delivered on what they promised.

Phillip Grace

Great company. Excellent service. Very easy to work with. I would recommend to anyone.

Mark C.

The team at Southeast Legal Marketing really took the time to understand what we were trying to accomplish. We have a very niche practice and they were able to identify what worked best for marketing our firm and we could not be happier. They really are hands on and that is what we needed. I would highly recommend."

Southeast Legal Marketing, LLC BBB Business Review